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Defying the Meta: Adam’s Unconventional Rise in League of Legends

Phyre Kimble

In the intense world of League of Legends, where the game is shaped by the meta, Adam “Adam” Maanane from Team BDS stands out as a rebel. Instead of conforming to the norms, he challenges them by playing off-meta champions and revolutionizing top lane combat.

Adam’s journey to esports stardom began during LEC Summer 2021, where he achieved an impressive second place with Fnatic. His standout moment came when he fearlessly picked Darius, a champion typically reserved for solo queue, in a crucial match for the 2021 Worlds qualification. With a remarkable KDA of 6/2/7, Adam’s performance in his rookie year at Worlds earned him widespread acclaim.

However, his glory was short-lived as he exited Worlds 2021 early and subsequently left Fnatic. He then joined Team BDS for the 2022 season, who made their way into the LEC after FC Schalke 04’s departure in 2023. Struggling throughout the season, the team barely qualified for Worlds through the Worlds Qualifying Series and narrowly succeeded in the play-ins with a reverse sweep in a best-of-five series.

Embracing his unconventional picks with unwavering determination, Adam captivated audiences worldwide at Worlds 2023. This was particularly evident in the thrilling final play-ins match against PSG Talon, which attracted a peak viewership of 1.3 million, making history.

After the victorious match, Adam sat down for an exclusive interview with ONE Esports, revealing the untold story of his journey.

The Birth of a Gaming Legend

Gaming wasn’t just a hobby for Adam; it was the soundtrack of his life. As a hyperactive child, his parents had to find a way to keep him entertained, so they introduced him to the world of gaming. From pinball to Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel, Adam was a natural in the digital realm.

At the age of 13, he stumbled upon League of Legends at his cousin’s house, and it instantly captivated him. He couldn’t resist playing the game, and it became his passion. Through trial and error, he explored different roles in the game until he discovered his love for the top lane almost by chance.

Choosing the top lane wasn’t a conscious decision for Adam; it simply felt right. He found himself gravitating towards it and stuck with it. The thrill of combat defined his champion preferences, with Darius being an early favorite.

However, since Darius is often banned in solo queue, Adam had to adapt and explore other picks like Olaf. Over time, he diversified his champion pool with Garen and Sett, completing his ‘GODS’ moniker. Both Garen and Sett share his love for fighting, and he has been playing them since their release.

Looking ahead to this season, Adam has set his sights on Tryndamere, a champion that has recently caught his attention. This new addition to his roster might bring a change to his usual gameplay style.

Staying True to Himself

Adam’s champion choices reflect his defiance and individuality. He doesn’t like following the crowd or conforming to what others expect from him. His ego drives him to be different, and it has proven successful for him.

This philosophy extends beyond gameplay and is deeply rooted in his belief in fun and authenticity. He believes that enjoying the champions he plays increases his chances of winning. He wants to dictate his own meta and not be bound by the expectations of others.

However, this unorthodox approach comes with its challenges. Playing off-meta picks requires strategic finesse and a significant amount of practice to master. Additionally, team synergy is crucial when using unconventional champions. If his teammates don’t understand how he plays these champions, it can hinder their ability to work together effectively. Fortunately, everyone on his team is well-versed in their respective champions, which enhances the strength of his picks.

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Adam’s rise in the world of League of Legends has been anything but conventional. From his daring champion picks to his unwavering belief in staying true to himself, he has carved a unique path for himself in the competitive scene. With his recent success at Worlds 2023, Adam has proven that defying the meta can lead to greatness. As he continues to challenge norms and reshape top lane combat, the future looks bright for this unconventional gaming legend.


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