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Dominate the Game with Valir: A Comprehensive Guide

Samuel Crossley

Unleash the Power of Valir, the Son of Flames

Valir, the mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses the fiery magic to burn his enemies to ashes. With his crowd control abilities and damage over time, he is a force to be reckoned with in team fights. Learn how to dominate the game with Valir using the ideal battle spell, emblem, best build, skill combos, and expert tips.

Valir’s Skills: Harness the Flames

Valir’s passive skill, Ashing, applies a burning effect to enemies, dealing damage over time. When the burning effect reaches three stacks, it detonates, stunning the target. Use manual targeting for higher accuracy to trigger the stun effect.

His first skill, Burst Fireball, launches a fireball that explodes upon hitting the first target, dealing damage and slowing them. The lingering flame on the ground will explode after a second, dealing additional damage. Use this skill to scout enemies in bushes and restore charges by hitting heroes or killing enemies.

Searing Torrent, Valir’s second skill, unleashes a torrent of flames in a target direction, dealing damage and knocking enemies back. Use this skill to push enemies towards your allies or turret and interrupt their dash abilities.

Valir’s ultimate, Vengeance Flame, removes debuffs and enhances his skills for a limited time. Each skill consumes a Vengeance Flame to deal extra damage. Use this skill to escape dangerous situations and unleash devastating attacks.

How to Play Valir: A Comprehensive Guide

To maximize Valir’s potential, use the Flicker battle spell for mobility or Sprint for increased speed. Choose the Mage emblem for magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration.

For the best build, start with Demon Shoes for mana restoration. Core items include Ice Queen Wand for additional slowing effect and Glowing Wand for amplified burn damage. Consider defensive items like Antique Cuirass or Athena’s Shield for protection. Genius Wand or Divine Glaive can increase magic power and penetration. Winter Truncheon or Immortality enhance survivability. Necklace of Durance weakens enemy healing spells.

Easy Combos to Master

During the laning phase, use Burst Fireball to slow and stun your opponent. Push them away with Searing Torrent if they get too close. In team fights, activate Vengeance Flame to dispel debuffs and strategically position yourself to release enhanced Burst Fireball and Searing Torrent.

Stay in the backline during team fights to minimize the risk of elimination and consistently inflict damage on enemies.

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The 3 Best Heroes to Counter Valir

Refer to the table below for information on the best heroes to counter Valir in Mobile Legends.

| Hero Name | Role | Difficulty Level |
| Hero 1 | Role | Difficulty Level |
| Hero 2 | Role | Difficulty Level |
| Hero 3 | Role | Difficulty Level |

Mobile Legends Edith Guide: Best Build, Skills, Emblem, Combos

For a comprehensive guide on playing Edith in Mobile Legends, including the best build, skills, emblem, and combos, refer to the article “Mobile Legends Edith Guide: Best Build, Skills, Emblem, Combos” on our website.


With Valir’s blazing magic and crowd control abilities, you can dominate the game and burn your enemies to ashes. Use the recommended battle spell, emblem, and build to maximize his potential. Master the skill combos and follow expert tips to unleash the power of Valir, the Son of Flames.


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