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Gran Turismo Movie Review: A Gamer’s Perspective


The Insane True Story of a Gamer Turned Racer: A Hilarious Tagline

As avid gamers, my friend and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter when we saw the official movie tagline in all caps: “BASED ON THE INSANE TRUE STORY OF A GAMER WHO BECAME A RACER.” It’s safe to say that we might be a little too immersed in the gaming world. We’ve been following the story of Jann Mardenborough since it first broke, reading countless articles about his journey.

While the story itself is not new to the esports and gaming community, the way it is portrayed in the movie is refreshing. This is the first time in cinematic history where the person performing stunts, Jann Mardenborough himself, is doing them on behalf of the actor playing him, Archie Madekwe. Additionally, it’s the first time a Hollywood film focuses on an actual esports title and gamer, rather than the typical Dungeons and Dragons narrative.

However, it’s important to note that not everything in the movie is entirely factual, including some of the main characters. But that’s perfectly fine. After all, we spend half our lives dwelling in fictional worlds like Azeroth, Runeterra, and The Land of Dawn.

It’s crucial to understand that this movie wasn’t made solely for us or our gaming community. It was created to appeal to a wider audience – those who don’t game, casual gamers who haven’t experienced esports titles, serious gamers who prefer other genres, and even sim racers themselves.

So, how does director Neill Blomkamp achieve this? By telling a compelling story.

As gamers, we are well-acquainted with the power of storytelling. We immerse ourselves in RPGs with friends, creating shared memories and engaging in fierce competition in MOBA, FPS, FCG, CCG, and TFT games. These experiences shape who we are and become an integral part of our lives.

While Gran Turismo is primarily a solo experience, the movie emphasizes Jann’s relationships with the people around him, evident through the tension portrayed in its editing. Unlike typical action films that build up to a climax with extreme highs and lows, Gran Turismo focuses on Jann’s journey without overdramatizing his character.

The movie captures the universal gaming experience – the string of defeats we see on our screens, the mixture of confidence and doubt when entering a new ranked game, and the euphoria of achieving a hard-fought victory at 4 a.m. These relatable moments are conveyed through the movie’s racing sim lens and Archie Madekwe’s exceptional acting.

Now, you may be wondering as a gamer, should you watch this movie? The answer is a resounding yes.

You might find yourself laughing at certain parts while the rest of the cinema remains silent. You’ll likely relate to specific scenes more than others. At the end of the day, we know that non-gamers may attempt to understand our world, but they will never truly grasp it.

To the outside world, it’s easier to convince them that a TRUE STORY based on a simulator that reflects real-life racing leads to something tangible. Therefore, this isn’t solely an esports movie or about someone going pro in esports. It leans more towards the sports genre, which is often perceived as synonymous with esports by those unfamiliar with the distinction.

Only we, as gamers, truly comprehend the difference, allowing us to appreciate the movie on a deeper level.

And that, my friends, is a definite win.

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Review: Netflix’s High Score – A Must-See for Gaming and Esports Enthusiasts

In addition to the Gran Turismo movie review, we highly recommend watching Netflix’s High Score. This documentary series is a must-see for video game fans and esports enthusiasts alike.


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