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Mastering Kagura: A Comprehensive Guide to Playing the Onmyouji Mage in Mobile Legends


Kagura: Unleash the Power of the Onmyouji Mage

Kagura is a powerful mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who wields the mystical umbrella. With her explosive combo and high burst damage, she can quickly eliminate enemies on the battlefield. Additionally, her exceptional mobility makes her one of the most elusive mage heroes. However, mastering Kagura requires dedication and effort due to the complexity of her unique skill set. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with tips on battle spells, emblem sets, builds, skill usage, and combos to help you become an effective Onmyouji Master.

Kagura’s Skills: Harnessing the Power of the Umbrella

Passive – Yin Yang Gathering:
When Kagura retrieves the Seimei Umbrella, she gains a shield and stuns nearby enemies while also slowing them down. This passive ability triggers periodically. Use the stun and slow effects of Yin Yang Gathering to ensure a successful combo against your target. It can also be used in combination with Kagura’s first two skills for poking opponents.

First Skill – Seimei Umbrella Open:
Kagura sends the Seimei Umbrella to a target location, dealing magic damage to enemies in its path and slowing them momentarily. The umbrella automatically returns to Kagura when she moves too far away. Seimei Umbrella Open is Kagura’s primary poking and farming ability, so prioritize leveling it up first. To effectively poke your enemy in the early game, leave the umbrella out on the battlefield to reduce its travel time and make it less predictable. Keep in mind that while the umbrella is out, you cannot use the form of your second skill that has a Purify effect, leaving you vulnerable to debuffs. Manually target Seimei Umbrella Open for better precision. This skill can also be used to reveal opponents hiding in bushes and provide vision advantage when taking major objectives.

Second Skill – Rasho Umbrella Flee:
With Umbrella: Kagura removes all debuffs and leaps in the target direction, leaving the Seimei Umbrella behind.
Without Umbrella: Kagura teleports to the Seimei Umbrella’s location, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Rasho Umbrella Flee provides a free Purify battle spell, allowing you to remove debuffs and escape from approaching enemies. However, it cannot remove suppression effects. This skill also enables you to dash over walls for a safe retreat. Use the second form of Rasho Umbrella Flee to close the distance against opponents and instantly trigger Yin Yang Gathering if available, stunning and slowing them down. It can also be used in combination with Seimei Umbrella Open to escape dangerous situations.

Ultimate – Yin Yang Overturn:
With Umbrella: Kagura invokes the power of the Seimei Umbrella, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back, and slowing them.
Without Umbrella: Kagura invokes the power of the Seimei Umbrella, resetting the cooldown of Seimei Umbrella Open, dealing magic damage to enemies around the Umbrella, and slowing them. After a short delay, enemy heroes around the Umbrella will be pulled toward it and dealt magic damage. To maximize Yin Yang Overturn, familiarize yourself with the different effects of its two forms. The first form (with umbrella) inflicts damage and effects to enemies in close range. Cast it after using Rasho Umbrella Flee (without umbrella) to ensure hitting opponents. It can also be used to push back approaching foes. The second form (without umbrella) can be used after casting Seimei Umbrella Open to hit enemies from long range. Make sure the umbrella reaches your target before triggering the ultimate. Remember that it resets the cooldown of Seimei Umbrella Open, allowing you to deal massive damage quickly. There is a short delay before the pulling effect activates, so reposition the umbrella using the first skill to ensure your target gets pulled and damaged.

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Kagura in Mobile Legends

Recommended Battle Spell:
Flicker and Flameshot are the top choices for Kagura. Flicker provides additional mobility, allowing you to close the gap, escape sticky situations, or reposition in team fights. Flameshot offers extra magic damage to finish off targets who survive your combo. It can also be used to push away approaching opponents.

Recommended Emblem:
The Mage emblem is the best choice for Kagura, providing significant magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration. Alternatively, the Assassin emblem is viable, offering adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed. Choose the Rupture talent for additional adaptive penetration in the first tier, and Weapons Master for increased magic power in the second tier. Bargain Hunter can be selected to reduce equipment costs for faster item acquisition. The core talent, Lethal Ignition, allows you to deal additional adaptive damage when executing your combo.

Kagura’s Best Build:
As one of the primary damage dealers, building magic power and penetration is crucial. Start with Clock of Destiny as your first core item to reach maximum stacks early, providing significant magic power and mana. Follow up with Lightning Truncheon, which synergizes well with Clock of Destiny, dealing extra magic damage based on max mana. Boost magic penetration with Genius Wand and Divine Glaive. Complete your build with Holy Crystal to further increase damage output. Consider Winter Truncheon or Immortality for improved survivability.

Easy Combos to Learn:
During the laning phase, poke your opponent with Seimei Umbrella Open followed by Rasho Umbrella Flee (without umbrella) to trigger Yin Yang Gathering. Use Rasho Umbrella Flee (with umbrella) to avoid damage and return to a safe position. At level four, unleash a full combo to burst down your target. Start with Seimei Umbrella Open, activate Yin Yang Overturn (without umbrella), and use the first skill again. After the target gets pulled toward the umbrella, cast Rasho Umbrella Flee (without umbrella) to close in while triggering Yin Yang Gathering. Finish off your opponent with Yin Yang Overturn (with umbrella) and retreat using Rasho Umbrella Flee (with umbrella). If your target survives the combo, use Flameshot as the killing blow.

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