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Hwei the Visionary: A Complex Champion for League of Legends

Phyre Kimble

Hwei the Visionary is a new champion in League of Legends designed by Riot Games. This mage is specifically created for mid lane players who are looking for a challenge and are willing to put in the time to master a complex champion. Hwei has a total of nine spells and one ultimate, which are divided into three categories: disaster, serenity, and torment. Each spell requires two button presses to activate, and players can cancel a spell by comboing it with the ultimate ability.

Here is a breakdown of Hwei’s abilities:

Passive – Signature of the Visionary:
When Hwei damages enemy champions with his abilities, they are marked for a few seconds. Hitting a marked enemy with another damaging ability creates an explosion underneath them, dealing magic damage to all enemies in range.

QR/WR/ER – Wash Brush:
Hwei can clear his paintbrush and return to his base abilities without using mana or cooldowns.

Q – Subject: Disaster:
Hwei paints a blazing fireball that flies out in the target direction. It explodes on impact with the first enemy or at maximum range, dealing magic damage plus a percentage of the enemy’s max health as magic damage to all enemies in the area.

QW – Severing Bolt:
Hwei paints a devastating bolt that strikes the target location after a delay, dealing magic damage. If the enemy is immobilized or isolated, they take increased damage based on their missing health.

QE – Molten Fissure:
Hwei creates a field of exploding volcanic eruptions, leaving lingering lava in its path. Each eruption deals magic damage to enemies hit, and enemies in the lava area are dealt magic damage per second and are slowed.

W – Subject: Serenity:
Hwei’s utility spells fall under this category.

WQ – Fleeting Current:
Hwei paints a current of swift waters in a line for a few seconds, granting movement speed to himself and allies.

WW – Pool of Reflection:
Hwei creates a protective pool at the target location that lasts for a few seconds. Allied champions inside the area gain an immediate shield, which increases in value over time.

WE – Stirring Lights:
Hwei paints three swirling lights that circle him for several seconds. His next three attacks or spells deal bonus magic damage and grant mana on hit.

E – Subject: Torment:
Hwei’s crowd control abilities are categorized as torment.

EQ – Grim Visage:
Hwei launches a terrifying face that strikes the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage and causing them to flee briefly.

EW – Gaze of the Abyss:
Hwei paints an abyssal eye at the target location, granting vision and locking onto the nearest visible enemy champion. After a short delay, the eye fires at the locked-on champion, rooting them for a few seconds and dealing magic damage.

EE – Crushing Maw:
Hwei paints crushing jaws that deal magic damage to enemies hit, pulling them toward the center and slowing them.

R – Spiraling Despair:
Hwei launches a vision of pure despair that sticks to an enemy champion for a few seconds. The vision expands and overwhelms all enemies it touches, dealing magic damage per second. Enemies within the zone are afflicted with stacks of Despair overtime, which applies a stacking percent slow. When the vision shatters, it deals magic damage.

With Hwei the Visionary, League of Legends players can expect a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience. Mastering this complex champion will require dedication and skill, but the potential for powerful plays and strategic maneuvers makes it all worthwhile.


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