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Introducing Nolan: The Cosmic Wayfinder in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Nolan, the Cosmic Wayfinder, is a new hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is an assassin with powerful abilities that can quickly eliminate enemies and disrupt tanky opponents. Unlike other energy-dependent assassins, Nolan is more versatile and well-rounded. He has high mobility, damage, and the ability to remove debuffs, making him a valuable asset in aggressive team compositions.

To excel with Nolan, it is important to understand his passive ability, Dimensional Rift. His skills create rifts that slow enemies and pull them towards the center, dealing damage. Each time a rift hits an enemy, Nolan gains energy, allowing him to use his skills more frequently. His Cosmic Leap enhances his basic attack, allowing him to dash towards targets and deal damage.

Nolan’s first skill, Expansion, deals damage in a rectangular area and leaves a rift. This ability has a low cooldown and should be prioritized for increased early game damage. It can be used after Cosmic Leap for maximum effect.

His second skill, Gauge, allows Nolan to charge in a target direction, dealing damage and leaving a rift. This skill is not only a mobility tool but also deals physical damage. It can be used in combination with the first skill for efficient jungle clearing and initiating ganks.

Nolan’s ultimate ability, Fracture, removes all debuffs on himself and slashes the target location three times, leaving three rifts. The rifts activate automatically as Nolan dashes backward. This ability can be used to disengage from fights or as a finishing move before relocating to safety.

To maximize Nolan’s potential, it is recommended to use the Retribution battle spell, specifically Ice Hunter’s Retribution. This spell enhances camp-clearing abilities and slows down enemies, making it easier to secure kills or escape from pursuers.

For emblems, the Rupture talent is recommended for increased physical penetration. Seasoned Hunter can boost damage against objectives like the Lord and Turtle. Killing Spree is a valuable talent for recovering HP and gaining movement speed after a kill.

In terms of item build, Blade of the Heptaseas is a crucial early game item for increased physical attack. Hunter Strike and Malefic Roar or Blade of Despair can further enhance damage output. Immortality is a good late-game item for added HP and a second life. Rose Gold Meteor can be considered for increased physical attack and magic shield protection.

Nolan’s skills are straightforward, but proper sequencing is important to fully utilize his passive ability. The three-rift combo, using Cosmic Leap, first skill, and second skill, is effective for bursting down squishy enemies. The chase combo, using Gauge, Cosmic Leap, and first skill, can be used for chasing and ganking.

By mastering Nolan’s abilities and utilizing the recommended battle spell, emblem, and item build, players can dominate the battlefield and secure victory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


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