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Lesley, the Deadly Sniper: A Comprehensive Guide

Phyre Kimble

Master the Art of Sniping with Lesley in Mobile Legends

Lesley, known as the Deadly Sniper, has become a favorite among marksman mains in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her passive ability, Lethal Shot, allows her to deal lethal damage and carry her team to victory. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover Lesley’s skills, tips for playing her, the ideal battle spell and emblem, the best build, and effective combos.

Lesley’s Skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Lethal Shot

Lesley’s passive ability, Lethal Shot, grants her additional range, critical chance, and true damage on her next basic attack if she doesn’t take damage for five seconds. This true damage is especially effective against tanky heroes. Additionally, each point of fixed physical penetration Lesley acquires is converted into critical damage. It’s important to note that her base critical damage is reduced. Make sure to maximize the range of Lethal Shot to poke enemies from a safe distance.

First Skill – Master of Camouflage

Lesley’s first skill, Master of Camouflage, allows her to enter a camouflage state where she gains double energy regen, extra movement speed, and extra physical attack. This state lasts for a few seconds or until she takes or deals damage. While in camouflage, Lesley cannot be targeted by basic attacks or single-target spells. However, she can still be hit by AoE skills and fully revealed. Use this skill strategically to dodge attacks and remove minion aggro.

Second Skill – Tactical Grenade

Tactical Grenade is Lesley’s second skill, which allows her to throw a grenade in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area and knocking them back. This skill can be used to interrupt basic attacks and skills, providing crowd control. However, it cannot stop crowd control immune abilities. Use Tactical Grenade to create distance between you and approaching enemies or to cancel Ultimate Snipe and immediately fire a Fatal Bullet.

Ultimate – Ultimate Snipe

Lesley’s ultimate skill, Ultimate Snipe, allows her to lock onto an enemy hero and fire four Fatal Bullets in succession. Each bullet deals physical damage based on a certain base damage, a percentage of physical attack, and the target’s lost HP. This skill also restores energy on hit. You can enhance the damage of a Fatal Bullet by casting Master of Camouflage while Ultimate Snipe is channeling. Take advantage of the long aim duration to scout for enemies and deal massive damage.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Play Lesley in Mobile Legends

To maximize Lesley’s potential, we recommend using Flicker as the battle spell. This will provide you with additional mobility to escape dangerous situations or chase down low HP enemies. As for the emblem, the Marksman emblem is the best choice for Lesley. Select Fatal in the first tier for additional critical chance and damage, and Weapon Master in the second tier to boost your physical attack.

When it comes to building items for Lesley, focus on increasing her physical attack to strengthen the true damage from Lethal Shot. Core items such as Berserker Fury, Endless Battle, and Blade of Despair provide massive physical attack, critical damage, and lifesteal. Consider purchasing additional Blade of Despair to further enhance your physical attack. Utility offensive items like Rose Gold Meteor, Sea Halberd, and Wind of Nature can be bought situationally.

Easy Skill Combos to Learn

During the laning phase, start by using Master of Camouflage to trigger Lethal Shot before poking your enemy. If an opponent gets too close, push them away with Tactical Grenade and use Master of Camouflage to escape. Assess the situation and use the enhanced basic attack if it’s safe to do so. When an enemy is low on HP, cast Ultimate Snipe to finish them off. Remember to use Master of Camouflage whenever it’s available while channeling Ultimate Snipe.

By mastering Lesley’s skills, utilizing the right battle spell and emblem, building the ideal items, and executing effective combos, you can become a deadly sniper in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Dominate the battlefield and lead your team to victory with Lesley’s lethal precision.

The 5 Best Heroes to Counter Lesley in Mobile Legends

Please refer to the table below for the information on the best heroes to counter Lesley in Mobile Legends.

| Hero Name | Role | Counter Ability |
| Chou | Fighter | Chou’s ability to dash and crowd control can easily disrupt Lesley’s positioning and prevent her from dealing damage. |
| Gusion | Assassin | Gusion’s high burst damage and mobility make it difficult for Lesley to escape or retaliate. |
| Natalia | Assassin | Natalia’s stealth and silence abilities allow her to sneak up on Lesley and prevent her from using her skills effectively. |
| Selena | Mage | Selena’s long-range poke and crowd control abilities can keep Lesley at bay and prevent her from engaging in fights. |
| Hayabusa | Assassin | Hayabusa’s mobility and burst damage can quickly eliminate Lesley before she has a chance to react. |

These heroes are effective counters to Lesley and can give you an advantage in battles. Choose them wisely to secure victory against the Deadly Sniper.

The 4 Roaming Blessings in Mobile Legends and the Best Heroes to Equip Them

Please refer to the table below for the information on the four roaming blessings in Mobile Legends and the best heroes to equip them.

| Roaming Blessing | Effect | Best Heroes |
| Vengeance | Restores HP and mana when dealing damage to enemy heroes. | Tanks and fighters who engage in close combat and sustain damage. |
| Avarice | Increases gold and experience gain from minions and jungle monsters. | Assassins and marksmen who rely on farming and scaling. |
| Thriving | Increases HP and mana regeneration when near allies. | Supports and tanks who stay close to their teammates and provide utility. |
| Gift | Provides a shield and movement speed boost when near allies. | Mages and supports who need extra survivability and mobility. |

Choose the roaming blessing that best suits your hero’s playstyle and role. These blessings can greatly enhance your performance on the battlefield and contribute to your team’s success.


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