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Master Karrie, the Lost Star, with this Comprehensive Guide

Phyre Kimble

Karrie, the Lost Star, is a powerful marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her unique ability to deal true damage, she can take down even the toughest enemies. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to play Karrie effectively, including her skills, ideal battle spell and emblem, best build, combos, and tips.

Karrie’s Skills

Passive – Lightwheel Mark Karrie’s basic attacks and skills apply a stack of Lightwheel Mark on hit. Once a target has five stacks of Lightwheel Marks, the marks will turn into a lightwheel, dealing true damage equal to a percentage of the target’s max HP to them. This allows you to shred tanky enemy heroes. It is advisable to prioritize acquiring attack speed items to maximize the effectiveness of this passive ability.
First Skill – Spinning Lightwheel Karrie releases a sphere of energy in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in its path. The sphere will stop upon hitting an enemy hero or reaching its max travel distance, continuously dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and significantly slowing them for a second. Use this skill to pressure your opponent in the lane or quickly clear minion waves. It can also be used to slow down pursuing enemies.
Second Skill – Phantom Step Karrie dashes in the target direction while throwing a lightwheel at the nearest enemy, dealing physical attack and applying a Lightwheel Mark on them. When in Dual Wield state, she throws two lightwheels instead. This skill is her primary mobility spell and can be used to chase down enemies, escape from them, reposition, and dodge spells during team fights.
Ultimate – Speedy Lightwheel Karrie enters Dual Wield state for several seconds, gaining extra movement speed and throwing two lightwheels on each basic attack. Each lightwheel deals a percentage of basic attack damage and inherits a portion of attack effects. Use this ultimate before engaging in duels or team fights, or to gain movement speed when running away from enemies.

Recommended Battle Spell and Emblem

For Karrie’s battle spell, Flicker is recommended for additional mobility, allowing you to chase opponents or escape dangerous situations. However, if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, it is better to choose Purify, which removes all debuffs (except for suppression) and helps you escape or re-engage in combat.

For emblems, the Marksman emblem is recommended for a substantial boost in attack speed, adaptive attack, and lifesteal. Alternatively, you can choose the Assassin emblem for adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed. Talents such as Swift and Tenacity can provide additional attack speed and defense bonuses.

Best Build for Karrie

To maximize Karrie’s damage potential and proc Lightwheel Mark frequently, it is best to acquire attack speed items. The Trinity Build, consisting of Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff, offers massive attack speed boost and unique effects to unleash devastating damage in clashes. Wind of Nature can be bought early on to gain temporary immunity to physical damage during fights. Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor can be used to mitigate magic damage. Windtalker can be considered as a final item for additional attack speed and movement speed if your team has a significant advantage in the game.

Easy Combos to Learn

During the laning stage, use Spinning Lightwheel to hit your enemy, then close in using Phantom Step. Use basic attacks to trigger Lightwheel Mark. If you find yourself in an unfavorable matchup, use Spinning Lightwheel to efficiently clear minion waves and rely on Phantom Step to disengage and retreat. Before engaging in combat, cast Speedy Lightwheel, slow down your target with Spinning Lightwheel, chase them down using Phantom Step, and secure the kill with basic attacks. Remember to prioritize positioning and stay in the backline or in a position where your teammates can protect you while you deal damage.

Mastering Karrie’s skills, choosing the right battle spell and emblem, building the best items, and executing effective combos will greatly enhance your gameplay as this powerful marksman hero. Keep practicing and refining your strategies to become a true star on the battlefield!



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