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Mastering Cyclops: A Comprehensive Guide to Dominating Mobile Legends

Samuel Crossley

Unleash the Power of the Stars with Cyclops in Mobile Legends

Cyclops, the Starsoul Magician, is a mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who harnesses the power of celestial bodies. With his strong poking abilities and unique passive that reduces cooldowns, Cyclops is a force to be reckoned with. If you want to climb the ranks using this little mage, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you dominate the game.

Understanding Cyclops’ Skills

Cyclops’ skills are what make him a formidable mage on the battlefield. Let’s take a closer look at each of his abilities:

Passive – Starlit Hourglass

Cyclops’ passive ability, Starlit Hourglass, reduces the cooldown of his active abilities every time he hits an enemy with his skills. This allows him to use his spells more frequently. To maximize the effectiveness of this passive, it is crucial to invest in items that enhance mana regeneration.

First Skill – Stardust Shock

Stardust Shock is Cyclops’ first skill. He casts two Stardust Disks in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies in its path. Use this skill to clear waves of minions or to deal damage to jungle creeps if you’re playing as a jungler. For better precision, manually use this skill by holding down the button, hovering the indicator to your target area, and releasing it.

Second Skill – Planets Attack

Planets Attack is Cyclops’ second skill. He conjures Starlit Spheres around himself, gaining extra movement speed for a few seconds. The spheres automatically seek and attack nearby enemies, prioritizing enemy heroes. They explode on collision, dealing magic damage. Be sure to close in on your target to ensure the spheres hit them. Use the movement speed gain from this skill to chase down enemies or escape from pursuers. With enough mana regeneration and cooldown reduction, you can use this skill frequently in team fights.

Ultimate – Star Power Lockdown

Star Power Lockdown is Cyclops’ ultimate ability. He creates a Planetary Sphere and sends it after the target enemy hero or creep, dealing magic damage and immobilizing them. The duration of the immobilization effect scales with the travel distance of the projectile. Choose your target wisely, as the projectile’s travel speed is slow and can be easily dodged by agile heroes. Use this ultimate to initiate your attack and hit your intended target by turning on Hero Lock Mode or Skill Smart Targeting in the control settings.

Recommended Battle Spell and Emblem

To enhance Cyclops’ abilities and increase his effectiveness in battle, here are the recommended battle spell and emblem:

Battle Spell – Flicker or Retribution

Flicker is an excellent option for Cyclops as it grants him extra mobility to pursue targets or escape dangerous situations. If you’re playing as a jungler, Retribution works best as it allows you to quickly farm creeps, invade the enemy jungle, and secure important objectives like the Lord and Turtle.

Emblem – Mage Emblem

Equip the Mage emblem to maximize Cyclops’ damage potential. This emblem provides a substantial amount of magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration. Choose Inspire in the first tier for additional cooldown reduction and Festival of Blood in the second tier for spell vamp. In the final tier, take Lethal Ignition for additional adaptive damage or Impure Rage for extra adaptive damage and mana restoration.

Building Cyclops for Success

To optimize Cyclops’ performance in the game, it is important to build him with the right items. Here’s a recommended build for Cyclops:

Item Effect
Arcane Boots (or Ice Retribution for junglers) Increases magic penetration and movement speed
Enchanted Talisman Boosts mana regeneration and cooldown reduction
Concentrated Energy Provides spell vamp and increases magic power
Genius Wand Enhances magic penetration
Divine Glaive Increases magic penetration
Necklace of Durance Reduces shield and HP regen effects of enemies

Consider adding defensive items like Brute Force Breastplate, Winter Truncheon, or Immortality if you need to play defensively.

Mastering Cyclops’ Combos

To maximize Cyclops’ damage output and secure kills, here are some easy combos to learn:

Early Game Poke Combo

In the early stages of the game, poke enemies using Planets Attack followed by Stardust Shock. Use the movement speed boost from Planets Attack to close the gap with your opponent and evade their skills.

Ultimate Combo

Once you’ve acquired Star Power Lockdown at level four, you can initiate your combo with it. Hit your target with the ultimate to inflict huge damage and immobilize them. Follow up with Planets Attack to close in on the immobilized target and finish them off with Stardust Shock.

Remember to take advantage of Hero Lock Mode or Skill Smart Targeting to ensure precise aiming of Star Power Lockdown.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the game with Cyclops in Mobile Legends. Good luck and have fun!


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