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Master Mobile Legends with Fredrinn: Ultimate Guide to Best Build, Skills & Emblem!

Samuel Crossley


Welcome to our beginner’s guide on Fredrinn, the tank fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. If you love soaking up damage for your team and controlling crowds in those clutch moments, Fredrinn is the hero for you. Armed with a huge spear, this Rogue Appraiser excels as both a jungler and an EXP laner, especially in those prolonged team fights. In this guide, we’ll walk you through Fredrinn’s skills and provide some essential tips to help you master this formidable hero.

Fredrinn’s Skills

Passive – Crystalline Armor: Fredrinn gains Combo Points each time he hits non-minion enemies with his skills. He stores a large percentage of the damage he receives in the form of Crystal Energy, which decays after a few seconds. He can convert this stored energy into HP. Gaining a Combo Point resets the decay timer. Make sure to use Appraiser’s Wrath when you have a substantial amount of Crystal Energy to maximize its impact.

Skill 1 – Piercing Strike: Fredrinn thrusts his sword forward, dealing physical damage to enemies and slowing them down. His next basic attack gains extra range and deals additional physical damage. This skill is incredibly useful for harassing enemy laners during the laning phase.

Skill 2 – Brave Assault: Fredrinn dashes in a target direction, dealing physical damage to the first non-minion enemy he hits. His next basic attack knocks the target into the air. Use this skill to initiate fights or make a quick getaway from dangerous situations.

Skill 3 – Energy Eruption: Fredrinn deals physical damage to nearby enemies and taunts them for a second. Hitting a non-minion enemy grants Fredrinn physical and magic defense for a few seconds and reduces the cooldowns of Piercing Strike and Brave Assault. This skill costs Combo Points. Use Energy Eruption strategically in team fights to surprise and disable your opponents.

Ultimate – Appraiser’s Wrath: Fredrinn slams his sword into the target direction, dealing damage plus a percentage of his Crystal Energy as physical damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area. The damage is more potent in the center of the area. Use this ultimate to inflict massive damage, especially when your health is below half.

Recommended Battle Spell

For Fredrinn, we recommend using Retribution as the battle spell if you’re playing as a jungler. It complements his kit and allows you to steal movement speed from your target. If you’re assuming the role of an EXP laner, Flicker is the recommended battle spell for its mobility and impact in team fights. Vengeance is also a solid choice if you’re the sole tank on your team, providing valuable percent damage reduction against marksmen and assassin heroes.

Recommended Emblem Set

To enhance Fredrinn’s mobility and map control, choose Agility as your standard talent. Seasoned Hunter is crucial for any tank jungler, as it increases damage to objectives. Quantum Charge further elevates your map control by providing movement speed bonuses after dealing damage and additional HP regeneration effects for sustainability.

The Best Build for Fredrinn

To maximize Fredrinn’s tankiness, opt for either Tough Boots or Warrior Boots depending on the enemy team composition. Choose the Ice Retribution option to enhance your jungle clear speed. In the early game, focus on Molten Essence without completing the Cursed Helmet, which allows you to efficiently clear jungle camps. For sustainability, invest in Guardian’s Helmet. Thunder Belt and Queen’s Wings help improve HP and reduce cooldowns. Cursed Helmet further boosts HP and provides added resistance against magic damage. Finally, consider Immortality for extra insurance when faced with attempts to take you down.

The Best Combos for Fredrinn

A recommended combo for Fredrinn is Brave Assault, followed by a basic attack to trigger the knock-up effect, Energy Eruption, Piercing Strike, another basic attack to unleash the enhanced damage from the first skill, Brave Assault once again to stun the target, and concluding with another Piercing Strike. Ensure you activate Appraiser’s Wrath when your health is below half or if the enemy is close to death. If the conditions for using the ultimate aren’t ideal, rinse and repeat the Brave Assault, Energy Eruption, and Piercing Strike combo. Remember to always land Energy Eruption to reduce your other skill cooldowns. Missing Energy Eruption on an enemy hero can disrupt your flow and impact in battle.

That wraps up our beginner’s guide on Fredrinn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We hope you find this information helpful as you master this powerful tank fighter hero. Stay tuned for more guides and updates from our team. Good luck on the battlefield!

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Social Benefits

Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not just about individual skills, but also about teamwork. This is where choosing Fredrinn as your hero can provide social benefits.

1. Building relationships and enhancing interactions

Playing as Fredrinn allows you to engage with your teammates, developing strong bonds. Working together, making quick decisions, and celebrating victories helps build relationships and strengthens interactions.

Research shows that team-oriented games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can strengthen social ties. It offers a common ground for players to connect and work towards a shared goal. By playing as Fredrinn, you have the opportunity to form meaningful connections and forge bonds with your teammates.

2. Fostering a sense of community and belonging

Being a part of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community creates a sense of belonging. As a Fredrinn player, you join a larger group with shared interests and passions.

Players often find comfort and support in the Mobile Legends community. It serves as a platform for sharing experiences, exchanging tips, and offering advice. Joining online communities or forums dedicated to Mobile Legends further enhances your sense of belonging and provides a supportive network.

Feeling connected to a group has psychological benefits. It promotes identity, acceptance, and support, all contributing to your overall well-being.

In conclusion, playing as Fredrinn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang not only provides an exciting gaming experience but also social benefits. By engaging with your teammates, building relationships, and becoming part of the Mobile Legends community, you can foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. So, gather your friends, form a team, and embark on an epic journey with Fredrinn!


Fredrinn, the tank fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a versatile and powerful force on the battlefield. With his unique skill set, he offers players the opportunity to excel in team fights and dominate the game.

With his Crystalline Armor passive, Fredrinn can store and convert Crystal Energy into HP, making him tough and durable. This sustainability allows him to withstand heavy damage and remain a threat to the enemy team.

Piercing Strike, his first skill, deals damage and slows enemies, giving Fredrinn crowd control and the ability to set up opportunities for his team. In the laning phase, this skill is particularly effective for harassing enemies and asserting dominance.

Brave Assault, Fredrinn’s second skill, allows him to dash towards enemies and knock them up, disrupting their movements and creating openings for further attacks. This skill also enhances his mobility, giving him the ability to escape unfavorable situations or initiate team fights.

Energy Eruption, his third skill, inflicts damage to nearby enemies and taunts them, diverting their attention towards Fredrinn and protecting his teammates. Additionally, it reduces the cooldowns of his other skills, enabling him to continuously engage and disrupt the enemy team.

Finally, Appraiser’s Wrath, Fredrinn’s ultimate skill, deals damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area, with the most damage being dealt at the center. This skill is valuable for securing objectives or catching enemies off guard in team fights, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

To fully unleash Fredrinn’s potential, players must focus on chaining his skills effectively and strategically. By timing his abilities and unleashing them in the right order, players can maximize Fredrinn’s damage output and crowd control capabilities.

In summary, Fredrinn is a powerful hero that requires skill and practice to master. With his ability to tank damage, provide crowd control, and disrupt the enemy team, he is a valuable addition to any lineup in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. So, if you’re seeking a champion who can make a significant impact on the game, Fredrinn should be at the top of your list. Embrace the challenge, hone your skills, and dominate the battlefield!



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