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Mastering Eudora: A Comprehensive Guide to Dominating with the Lightning Weaver

Phyre Kimble

Eudora’s Skills in Mobile Legends

Eudora, also known as the Lightning Weaver, is a mage hero renowned for her devastating combo that swiftly eliminates enemies with her powerful burst damage. Here’s a detailed guide to help you master this popular mage and secure victories with her.

Passive – Superconductor

Eudora’s attacks inflict Superconductor on enemies, enhancing her active abilities and triggering additional effects against Superconductor-affected enemies. It’s important to use your skills quickly since Superconductor doesn’t last long.

First Skill – Forked Lightning

With Forked Lightning, Eudora casts lightning in a fan-shaped area, dealing magic damage to enemies. If the enemy is affected by Superconductor, they will take extra magic damage after a short delay. This skill is perfect for clearing minion waves, so prioritize leveling it up first.

Second Skill – Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning is Eudora’s crowd control spell. It hurls an orb of lightning at the target enemy, dealing magic damage, stunning them, and reducing their magic defense. If the enemy is affected by Superconductor, the lightning orb will bounce to nearby enemies, stunning them for a shorter duration. Use this skill to initiate your combo and stun multiple enemies in team fights.

Ultimate – Thunder’s Wrath

Thunder’s Wrath is Eudora’s ultimate ability, which calls down a blast of lightning on the target enemy, dealing massive magic damage. If the enemy is affected by Superconductor, dark clouds appear over their head and unleash an additional lightning strike on the area, damaging nearby enemies. Use this skill strategically during team fights to inflict massive damage.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Play Eudora in Mobile Legends

To maximize Eudora’s potential, it’s recommended to use the Flicker battle spell to enhance her mobility. This will help you close the gap with your target or escape dangerous situations.

Equip the Mage emblem to boost Eudora’s damage potential. The Rupture talent in the first tier provides additional adaptive penetration, while Bargain Hunter or Weapons Master in the second tier can reduce item costs or increase magic power, respectively. Choose Lethal Ignition as your core talent for extra damage during your combo.

When it comes to building Eudora, focus on enhancing magic penetration and magic power. Start with Arcane Boots, followed by Genius Wand and Holy Crystal. Divine Glaive and Blood Wings will further increase your magic power and penetration. Consider Winter Truncheon or Immortality for survivability in team fights, and Enchanted Talisman for mana regeneration and cooldown reduction.

Easy Combos to Learn

During the laning phase, pressure your opponent by stunning them with Ball Lightning, followed by Forked Lightning to deal significant damage. Make sure to maximize the range of your abilities when poking to avoid dangerous situations.

Once you reach level four, initiate your full combo by using Ball Lightning, followed by Thunder’s Wrath to unleash massive damage. Finish off your target with Forked Lightning. In team fights, start with Forked Lightning, then use Ball Lightning to stun multiple enemies, and finally trigger Thunder’s Wrath for huge damage.

Always aim to unleash your combo on squishy enemies like mages, marksmen, or assassins for easy pickoffs. Use Hero Lock Mode or Skill Smart Targeting to ensure you hit your desired target.

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The 5 Best Heroes to Counter Eudora in Mobile Legends

Here are five heroes that can effectively counter Eudora in Mobile Legends:

Hero Role Counter Ability
Aldous Fighter Immunity to magic damage
Chou Fighter High mobility and crowd control
Harith Mage High mobility and burst damage
Helcurt Assassin Silence and burst damage
Grock Tank High durability and crowd control

These heroes possess abilities that can counter Eudora’s burst damage and crowd control. Choose them wisely to gain an advantage in battles against her.

Eudora Best Build

To maximize Eudora’s damage potential, focus on magic penetration and magic power. Here’s the recommended build:

Item Effect
Arcane Boots +15 Magic Penetration
Genius Wand +75 Magic Power, +15 Magic Penetration
Holy Crystal +90 Magic Power
Divine Glaive +65 Magic Power, +40% Magic Penetration
Blood Wings +150 Magic Power, +500 HP
Winter Truncheon +60 Magic Power, +25 Physical Defense

This build enhances Eudora’s magic power and penetration, increasing her chances of eliminating targets with a single combo.

Start with Arcane Boots, then proceed to Genius Wand and Holy Crystal. Divine Glaive and Blood Wings will further boost your magic power and penetration. Winter Truncheon provides additional survivability in team fights.

Consider using Enchanted Talisman for mana regeneration and cooldown reduction if needed.



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