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Mastering Alpha Combos in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Phyre Kimble

Unleash the Power of Alpha with These Devastating Combos

Alpha, the Blade of Enmity, is a force to be reckoned with in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his incredible sustainability, crowd control skills, and reliable damage, he has become a popular hero pick among players. To fully maximize his potential, it is crucial to understand how to execute Alpha combos effectively. By doing so, you can control the tempo of the game and dominate your opponents.

Understanding Alpha’s Passive: Beta, Advance!

Alpha’s passive ability, Beta, Advance!, is the key to unlocking his true potential. It allows you to summon Beta, his trusty companion, who deals true damage and inflicts slow effects on your targets whenever you hit them with a skill. Whether you use Rotary Impact, Force Swing, or his Ultimate, Spear of Alpha, you can unleash devastating damage on your enemies.

Displacement Combo: Flicker + Ultimate

Spear of Alpha is one of the best initiation abilities in the game, capable of turning the tide of a team fight when used correctly. However, experienced enemies may anticipate your ultimate and position themselves accordingly. To ensure a perfect landing every time, you can combine Flicker with your ultimate.

To execute this combo, cast Flicker to position yourself behind the enemy target, then quickly activate your ultimate to draw them towards your teammates or turrets. This not only puts you in the perfect angle for maximum impact but also catches the enemy off-guard, especially when approaching from a bush.

Chase Combo: Skill 1 + Ultimate + Skill 2

Alpha excels in one-on-one situations, and most enemy heroes will retreat upon seeing you on the map. However, with the right combo, you can chase them down and secure kills.

To execute this combo, manually cast your first skill, Rotary Impact, on the enemy you are pursuing. This skill not only deals damage but also inflicts a slow effect, allowing you to close the gap. Activate your ultimate to quickly reach your target, then immediately follow up with your second skill, Force Swing. This sequence will melt the enemy’s HP bar, especially if they are a squishy marksman or mage.

Continue to inflict damage using your first skill, basic attacks, and second skill. Remember that landing more skills on the enemy will increase the true damage dealt by Beta. Equip items such as Hunter’s Strike, War Axe, and Bruteforce Breastplate to maximize the effectiveness of this combo.

Crowd Control Combo: Ultimate + Skill 2 + Petrify

If your team lacks crowd control and relies on you to initiate team fights, there is a powerful Alpha combo you can execute with the Petrify battle spell.

From a bush, angle your ultimate to hit multiple targets with one cast. Upon landing, activate your second skill, Force Swing, to deal additional damage and inflict a powerful slow on the enemy. Then, use the Petrify spell to instantly stun the enemy. This combo buys your teammates time to position themselves for maximum damage.

Continue to kite your enemies with Rotary Impact and Force Swing whenever available. Additionally, utilize basic attacks for maximum damage output.

By mastering these Alpha combos, you can unleash the full potential of this cyborg hero and dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


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