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Mastering Yu Zhong: A Comprehensive Guide for Mobile Legends Players


Unleash the Power of the Black Dragon with Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends

Yu Zhong, also known as the Black Dragon, is a formidable fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his three forms and unique passive, he offers a complex playstyle that requires skillful management of his resources. In this guide, we will delve into Yu Zhong’s skills and provide tips on how to effectively play as the Black Dragon.

Yu Zhong’s Skills

Passive – Cursing Touch

Yu Zhong’s passive ability, Cursing Touch, allows him to apply Sha Residue to his enemies with each attack. When the target reaches five stacks of Sha Residue, it erupts, dealing physical damage based on their lost HP and restoring a percentage of Yu Zhong’s lost HP. Additionally, it increases his movement speed. This passive is particularly advantageous in 1v1 situations.

First Skill – Dragon Tail

Dragon Tail is Yu Zhong’s first skill, where he infuses his cloak with power and turns it into a weapon. After a short delay, the cloak attacks nearby enemies. The inner area of the cloak deals physical damage, while the sharpened edge deals more damage and applies two stacks of Sha Residue. It is important to position yourself strategically to hit enemies with the outer circle for maximum damage.

Second Skill – Soul Grip

Soul Grip is a skill shot that allows Yu Zhong to unleash his Dragon Soul, dealing physical damage to enemies in front of him and slowing them down. Upon hitting a target, his next basic attack is enhanced, dealing additional physical damage. If multiple targets are hit, Sha Residue is applied multiple times, resulting in extra damage. This skill can be used for chasing down enemies or escaping from dangerous situations.

Third Skill – Furious Dive

Furious Dive is Yu Zhong’s third skill, where he leaps towards a designated area, dealing physical damage. He can dash one more time in the movement direction. After a short delay, enemies within the area of effect are knocked airborne and take additional physical damage. It is important to note that the range of Furious Dive is limited, and opponents can dodge it if they are near the outer edge. Aim to hit enemies in the center for maximum effectiveness.

Ultimate – Black Dragon Form

Yu Zhong’s ultimate ability allows him to transform into his Black Dragon form. In this form, he gains crowd control immunity, knocks back enemy heroes in his path, and deals physical damage. He also increases his HP and can move freely, ignoring obstacles. After exiting the Black Dragon form, he enters Dragonoid form, which grants increased range on all his skills for a limited time. This ultimate is excellent for initiating team fights or escaping from dangerous situations.

How to Play Yu Zhong Effectively

To maximize your performance as Yu Zhong, here are some tips and strategies to keep in mind:

1. Prioritize applying Sha Residue: Yu Zhong’s passive is crucial for dealing damage and sustaining in fights. Focus on applying Sha Residue to multiple enemies to maximize its effects.

2. Maximize Dragon Tail’s damage: Dragon Tail should be maxed first as it has the lowest cooldown and highest damage output. Position yourself to hit enemies with the outer circle for maximum damage.

3. Aim carefully with Soul Grip: Soul Grip is a skill shot, so make sure to aim carefully at your targets. Use it to slow down enemies when chasing or escaping.

4. Coordinate your skills: Combining Soul Grip and Furious Dive can be an effective way to engage enemies. Use Soul Grip to slow them down and then follow up with Furious Dive for additional damage.

5. Utilize Black Dragon Form strategically: Yu Zhong’s ultimate ability is versatile and can be used for initiation or escape. Take advantage of the crowd control immunity and knockback effect to disrupt the enemy team or create opportunities for your team.

Recommended Battle Spell, Emblem, and Item Build

Battle Spell

Petrify is recommended as it allows you to chain your combos effectively, especially after exiting the Black Dragon Form. Vengeance can also be a viable option for diving the backline, providing damage reduction and reflection.


Agility is recommended as the tier-one talent to help you close the gap faster with increased movement speed. Festival of Blood is a good choice for sustaining in fights with its spell vamp effect. Lethal Ignition is the core talent that synergizes well with Yu Zhong’s passive, dealing additional damage to enemies with low HP.

Item Build

1. Warrior Boots: Provides additional physical defense and movement speed.
2. Hunter Strike: Increases physical attack and grants a movement speed boost after using a skill.
3. War Axe: Enhances physical attack and provides additional damage against enemies with low HP.
4. Dominance Ice: Offers physical defense and reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies.
5. Oracle: Provides magic defense and strengthens the effects of Cursing Touch.
6. Rose Gold Meteor: Increases physical attack and provides a shield against magic damage.


Mastering Yu Zhong, the Black Dragon, requires a deep understanding of his skills and resource management. By effectively utilizing his passive, skills, and ultimate ability, you can dominate the battlefield and lead your team to victory. Practice your combos, coordinate with your team, and unleash the power of the Black Dragon in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


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