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Mastering Irithel: A Guide to Mobile Legends’ Marksman Hero


Irithel is a powerful marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang known for her unique ability to attack while moving. With her passive skill, Jungle Heart, she can fire an extra crossbow bolt after moving a certain distance. Additionally, her ultimate allows her to reduce the physical defense of enemies, slow them down, and launch explosive bolts. If you want to become a master of Irithel, this in-depth guide will provide you with all the information you need.

Passive – Jungle Heart

Irithel’s passive skill, Jungle Heart, enables her to shoot while moving. Each basic attack shoots two crossbow bolts, but it takes longer to refill. These bolts deal physical damage per bolt and inherit a portion of attack effects. Moving builds up Jungle Heart, up to a maximum of ten units, and the next basic attack unleashes an additional bolt. To maximize the potential of Jungle Heart, constant movement is crucial, allowing you to release extra bolts with optimal frequency. It is important to choose an emblem and buy items that increase your movement speed to make the most of this passive.

First Skill – Strafe

Irithel’s first skill, Strafe, launches a volley of arrows on a target area, dealing physical damage to enemies within and reducing their physical defense for a few seconds. It is recommended to prioritize maxing out Strafe, as upgrading it improves its physical defense reduction effect. The cast range of this skill is fixed, so being too near your target will result in a miss. To enhance accuracy, use manual targeting and rely on the skill indicator. Use Strafe to initiate when poking your opponent in the lane, amplifying the damage of your second skill and basic attacks. It is also important to use Strafe during team fights, as it boosts your allies’ physical attacks against the targeted enemies.

Second Skill – Force of the Queen

Irithel’s second skill, Force of the Queen, is a piercing roar that deals physical damage to nearby enemies and slows them for a few seconds. This skill has a large area-of-effect, making it useful for slowing down multiple enemies during clashes. Take advantage of the skill’s AoE when poking to avoid getting too close to your target. Use Force of the Queen when being pursued by enemies to increase your chances of escaping.

Ultimate – Heavy Crossbow

Irithel’s ultimate, Heavy Crossbow, orders Leo to leap in the target direction and empowers her crossbow for several seconds. During this time, she gains extra movement speed, and her basic attacks shoot enhanced crossbow bolts that deal huge physical damage to the target and nearby units. Jungle Heart also accumulates faster during the duration of the ultimate. Always activate Heavy Crossbow before engaging in team fights to strengthen your attacks. This ultimate can also be used as a mobility tool, but it is important to choose a safe position from which you can unleash your basic attacks after leaping. Use Heavy Crossbow to narrow the distance against your target, but exercise caution and ensure it is a secure move before proceeding. It can also be used to escape from approaching enemies and retaliate with explosive bolts while moving. Irithel is the only ranged hero capable of inflicting damage on multiple foes within a limited area using her ultimate.

Recommended Battle Spell

The most optimal battle spell for Irithel is Sprint, as it offers a substantial surge in movement speed along with immunity to slows. This greatly synergizes with her passive, allowing her to frequently launch additional bolts during team fights. Sprint also serves as a valuable tool for evading oncoming enemies. However, if the opposing team possesses many crowd control spells, it is strongly advised to opt for Purify. This battle spell can be activated to remove debuffs (excluding suppression), giving Irithel the chance to escape or retaliate.

Recommended Emblem

The Assassin emblem is recommended for Irithel over the Marksman emblem, as it provides extra movement speed, which is important for her passive. Additionally, it gives substantial amounts of adaptive penetration and adaptive attack. In the first tier, choose Fatal to increase critical hit chance and damage, and Tenacity to obtain physical and magic defense when health falls below half. In the final tier, choose Quantum Charge, a core talent that periodically boosts movement speed when dealing damage using basic attacks, allowing Irithel to leverage Jungle Heart. It also restores a portion of her HP, improving endurance, especially in the laning stage.

Irithel’s Best Build

To effectively fulfill her role as one of the primary damage dealers in the team, it is crucial for Irithel to invest in items that improve her capability to unleash burst damage. The recommended build is as follows:

Item Description
Swift Boots Increases attack speed
Windtalker Increases attack speed, critical chance, and movement speed
Berserker’s Fury Increases critical chance and physical attack
Great Dragon Spear Increases physical attack, critical chance, and cooldown reduction
Wind of Nature Provides lifesteal benefits and makes Irithel immune to physical damage for a few seconds
Haas’ Claws Increases attack speed, critical chance, and provides lifesteal benefits

Start by acquiring Swift Boots, then buy Windtalker and Berserker’s Fury as your initial core items to bolster attack speed, critical chance, and physical attack. Windtalker also provides extra movement speed. Follow up with Great Dragon Spear, which offers substantial physical attack, critical chance, and cooldown reduction. Wind of Nature and Haas’ Claws should be purchased to improve survivability and provide lifesteal benefits. Wind of Nature’s active skill, Wind Chant, makes Irithel immune to all physical damage for a few seconds, while Haas’ Claws enhances attack speed and critical chance.

Easy Combos to Learn

During the laning phase, pressure your enemy by hitting them with Strafe, then follow it up with Force of the Queen and basic attacks. If you find yourself in a challenging matchup, play safe and use Strafe primarily to secure the last hit on minions. Once you acquire Heavy Crossbow, use it to leap to an optimal offensive position and enhance your basic attacks to deal massive damage in clashes. Activate Sprint when triggering your ultimate to further increase movement speed and quickly recharge Jungle Heart. Positioning is crucial as a marksman, so be vigilant about your placement in battles to optimize damage output and survive for objective taking.

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The 3 Best Heroes to Counter Irithel in Mobile Legends

If you’re looking to counter Irithel in Mobile Legends, here are three heroes that can effectively do so:

Hero Description
Chou Chou’s crowd control abilities can disrupt Irithel’s movement and prevent her from attacking while moving. His ultimate, Jeet Kune Do, can also immobilize her, making her an easy target for the team.
Natalia Natalia’s stealth abilities allow her to sneak up on Irithel and deal burst damage. Her silence and slow effects can also hinder Irithel’s mobility and prevent her from using her skills effectively.
Khufra Khufra’s crowd control abilities, such as his ultimate, Tyrant’s Rage, can disrupt Irithel’s movement and prevent her from attacking while moving. His high durability also makes it difficult for Irithel to burst him down.



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