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Mastering Jungle Akai in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Samuel Crossley

Unleash the Power of Jungle Akai in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Akai, the Panda Warrior, has become a popular pick in the tank jungle meta of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His high mobility, decent damage, and innate durability make him a formidable frontline hero. In this guide, we will show you how to master jungle Akai and dominate the game.

Akai’s Skills

Passive – Tai Chi

Akai’s passive ability, Tai Chi, provides him with a shield based on a percentage of his Total HP whenever he casts a skill. Additionally, his Basic Attacks deal extra Physical Damage to marked enemies. This allows jungle Akai to clear camps quickly and survive against creep damage. Build HP items to maximize the benefits of this passive.

Skill 1 – Headbutt

Headbutt allows Akai to charge in a target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way. If he hits an enemy hero, they will be knocked airborne for a short duration. Akai can also roll in the Joystick’s direction after hitting an enemy hero. Use this skill to initiate ganks and set up your team’s damage skills.

Skill 2 – Body Slam

Body Slam is Akai’s primary damage ability. It deals damage to nearby enemies and inflicts slow effects on them. Use this skill to clear camps quickly and take objectives alongside your Basic Attacks. The more frequently you use this skill, the sturdier you become and the more damage you can output.

Ultimate – Heavy Spin

Heavy Spin is Akai’s most powerful weapon as a jungle hero. It removes all debuffs on him and allows him to spin for a few seconds, continuously dealing damage to nearby enemies and knocking them back. This skill can only be interrupted by Suppression and Morph effects. Use Heavy Spin to disrupt enemy formations and secure objectives.

Recommended Battle Spell

For jungle Akai, Retribution is the recommended battle spell. The Ice Hunter blessing is the best choice as it allows you to steal movement speed from your target, making you agile while slowing them down. This is particularly effective against highly mobile heroes like mages or marksmen.

Recommended Emblem

The best talent set for Akai is Firmness, Seasoned Hunter, and Concussive Blast. Firmness provides additional Physical and Magic defense, helping you dominate the early game or survive enemy onslaughts. Seasoned Hunter increases your jungling speed, while Concussive Blast adds extra damage to your skills and Basic Attacks.

Jungle Akai Best Build

To maximize your utility as jungle Akai, focus on building durability. Start with Tough Boots for added defense. Then, prioritize Cursed Helmet for camp clearing and Guardian’s Helmet for increased HP. Consider getting Antique Cuirass or Blade Armor to counter Physical Damage heroes, and Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor for Magic Damage dealers. Complete your build with Immortality for its revival passive.

Tips and Easy Combos

– Max out your second skill first to clear camps quickly.
– Use the first skill to pass through terrain and reposition.
– Activate your skills frequently to take advantage of the Tai Chi passive.
– Get level four before participating in the first Turtle take.
– Time your ultimate to secure objectives with Retribution.
– Pin down the enemy jungler with Heavy Spin during objective contests.

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