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Mastering Minsitthar in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Unleash the Power of the Warrior King

Minsitthar, the warrior king of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is not your average fighter hero. He possesses a unique skill set that makes him the ultimate counter to mobile heroes. His ultimate ability, King’s Calling, can disable enemy movement skills within a large area, rendering them helpless. Additionally, his Spear of Glory can pull multiple enemies towards him, making him an excellent initiator. To become a formidable force with Minsitthar in ranked matches, it is crucial to understand his strengths and weaknesses. This guide provides essential information on the optimal emblem set, battle spells, builds, and combos.

Understanding Minsitthar’s Skills

Passive – Mark of the King

Minsitthar’s basic attacks and skills apply a stack. When the stack reaches five, the next attack will deal significant damage, stun the target, and restore HP. This effect can only occur once every six seconds on the same target. Building attack speed is essential to maximize the potential of Mark of the King. The royal guards in King’s Calling also apply stacks, allowing you to apply them to multiple targets simultaneously during Shield Assault.

Skill 1 – Spear of Glory

Spear of Glory allows Minsitthar to pull all enemy heroes in its path towards him. This skill is most effective when the enemy is grouped together, as it can pull multiple targets at once. Aim this skill manually to anticipate the enemy’s movement. It can also be used to reveal concealed enemies, making it useful for checking bushes. Flicker is the recommended battle spell for Minsitthar, as it synergizes well with Spear of Glory. After successfully hooking a target, you can use Flicker to gain additional distance and escape dangerous situations.

Skill 2 – Shield Assault

Shield Assault allows Minsitthar to reduce incoming damage from the front by holding up his shield. While in this stance, his basic attacks hit all enemies in a rectangular area and have increased attack speed. This skill provides extra damage reduction when the shield is active, making it useful for surviving against enemy marksmen in team fights. Remember to press the basic attack button while the shield is up. Note that using Spear of Glory or King’s Calling will cancel Shield Assault.

Ultimate – King’s Calling

Minsitthar charges forward and summons four royal guards to form a field around him. Enemies within the field are slowed and cannot use movement skills. The royal guards can also trigger Minsitthar’s equipment effects with their attacks. King’s Calling has a long cooldown, so use it strategically during crucial team fights or to secure important objectives. The ultimate remains active even if Minsitthar dies or leaves the area.

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Minsitthar

Recommended Battle Spell

Flicker is the best battle spell for Minsitthar due to its synergy with Spear of Glory. Since Minsitthar lacks mobility skills, Flicker can help him escape dangerous situations. If playing as a roamer, prioritize survivability and consider using Vengeance to reduce damage taken and last longer in team fights.

Recommended Emblem

The Assassin emblem is recommended for Minsitthar, as it provides adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed. This makes him potent in the EXP lane, especially against enemies without escape skills. Alternatively, the Fighter emblem can be chosen for a mix of offense and durability. Choose the Quantum Charge talent for periodic HP restoration and increased movement speed when dealing damage with basic attacks.

Minsitthar’s Best Build

To maximize the effectiveness of Mark of the King in team fights, focus on building attack speed and on-hit item effects. Start with Corrosion Scythe for its attack speed and slow effect, followed by Demon Hunter Sword for significant physical damage boost. Consider Berserker’s Fury if ahead, or defensive items like Dominance Ice or Thunder Belt if behind. Prioritize physical damage and attack speed, and include defensive items like Immortality, Athena’s Shield, or Antique Cuirass in the late game.

Easy Combos to Master

During the laning phase, use Shield Assault to clear minion waves and harass the enemy EXP laner. If they get too close to your tower, use Spear of Glory to pull them in. At level four, when the Turtle is on your side, position yourself to help secure the buff with your jungler. If an enemy tries to contest, use King’s Calling to prevent their escape and Spear of Glory to pull them towards you. In a 1v1 situation, start with Spear of Glory and Shield Assault to trigger Mark of the King. When your opponent tries to escape using a movement skill or Flicker, use King’s Calling to secure an easy kill.

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