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Mastering Kadita: A Comprehensive Guide to the Ocean Goddess in Mobile Legends

Samuel Crossley


Kadita, also known as the Ocean Goddess, is a powerful mage/assassin hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With her control over ocean waters and weather, she can protect her home, the Southern Seas, and eliminate enemies with her lethal combos. In addition to her offensive abilities, Kadita also possesses impressive survival skills, including HP restoration, control immunity, and untargetability. This extensive guide will teach you how to effectively play as the Queen of the Southern Seas.

Kadita’s Skills

Passive – Thalassophobia

Kadita’s passive skill, Thalassophobia, grants her the Blessing of the Ocean every 30 seconds. When she takes damage from enemy heroes, this blessing is triggered and lasts for a few seconds. At the end of the duration, Kadita recovers a significant percentage of the HP lost. This ability allows her to restore HP during combat, making her resilient against enemy attacks. However, it is important to play defensively when this skill is on cooldown. You can easily identify when the passive is available by the sphere of water circling around Kadita.

First Skill – Ocean Ode

Ocean Ode is Kadita’s main mobility and damage skill. She summons an ocean wave to carry herself in the target direction and back, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and slowing them. While inside the wave, Kadita gains control immunity and damage reduction. This skill can pass through obstacles and terrain. By using the skill again, Kadita can leave the wave without interrupting its movement. It is recommended to prioritize maxing out this skill first.

Ocean Ode is an excellent tool for initiating attacks. Its control immunity and damage reduction effects allow Kadita to bypass the enemy’s frontline and target squishy heroes at the back. It can also be used to escape from sticky situations by passing through walls and turrets. However, caution is advised when riding the wave near enemy turrets due to its fixed cast range.

Second Skill – Breath of the Ocean

Breath of the Ocean is Kadita’s crowd control skill. After a short delay, she summons an ocean wave to erupt at the target location, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and knocking them airborne. This skill can be cast during Ocean Ode to summon an ocean wave beneath Kadita with a shorter eruption delay. It is important to note that activating Breath of the Ocean removes the control immunity provided by Ocean Ode, making Kadita vulnerable to CC effects from enemies. Use the skill indicator to maximize its area of effect.

Ultimate – Rough Waves

Kadita’s ultimate skill, Rough Waves, allows her to dive into the ground and send ocean waves in all directions. Each wave deals magic damage to enemies hit and slows them. Enemies hit by multiple waves take increased damage. After a short period, the waves return to Kadita, dealing magic damage to enemies hit. While underground, Kadita becomes untargetable and gains extra movement speed.

To maximize the damage of Rough Waves, it is best to be close to your target when activating the skill. After hitting the enemy with the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo, reposition yourself if necessary. You can move while underground, allowing you to chase enemies and hit them with the returning waves. Rough Waves can also be used as an escape tool due to its untargetability and extra movement speed. However, keep in mind that you cannot pass through obstacles and terrains while underground.

Recommended Battle Spell

The most ideal battle spell for Kadita is Petrify. It can be used to immobilize your target, ensuring that you land your skill combos on them. Flicker is also a viable choice, providing additional mobility to close the gap against enemies or escape from them. It can also be used to reposition your ultimate while casting it.

Recommended Emblem

For maximum damage and pickoff potential, the Assassin emblem is recommended. It boosts adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed. Alternatively, the Magic emblem offers significant magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration.

Kadita’s Best Build

To burst down squishy heroes, it is essential to focus on magic power and magic penetration. Start with common Boots and rush Clock of Destiny to reach its maximum stacks early on. Upgrade to Arcane Boots and consider equipping Conceal roaming blessing for added mobility. Genius Wand reduces opponents’ magic defense, while Lightning Truncheon inflicts extra damage based on magic power. Holy Crystal increases magic power, and Divine Glaive further amplifies magic penetration. If survivability is a concern, consider replacing Holy Crystal or Divine Glaive with Immortality or Winter Truncheon.

Easy Combos to Learn

During the laning phase, use Ocean Ode to approach your enemy, followed by Breath of the Ocean. Rotate to the side lanes for potential pickoffs. Once you obtain Rough Waves, you can execute various combos to take down opponents. The basic combo involves using Ocean Ode to close in on your target, then knocking them airborne with Breath of the Ocean. Finish them off with Rough Waves. Use bushes to surprise your enemies and incorporate your battle spell into your combo. Petrify can be activated after the Ocean Ode-Breath of the Ocean combo to immobilize your target. Flicker can be used to reposition Rough Waves if the enemy dodges Breath of the Ocean or removes it with Purify.

By following this comprehensive guide, you will master Kadita and dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


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