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Mastering Lolita: A Guide to Playing the Steel Elf in Mobile Legends


Lolita: The Tiny Powerhouse

Lolita may be small, but she packs a punch. As one of the best team fight initiators in Mobile Legends, this Steel Elf is all about starting fights and protecting allies with her massive shield. With skills like Power Charge, Guardian’s Reflection, and Noumenon Blast, she can stun enemies, block ranged attacks, and even stun multiple foes at once. If you want to master this support hero, keep reading.

Lolita’s Skills

Passive – Noumenon Energy Core

Lolita’s passive ability, Noumenon Energy Core, grants her and nearby allies a shield every few seconds. This shield scales with level and doesn’t depend on defensive stats. It can stack up to six times, and you can easily spot if an ally has a shield by the glowing circle around them. Use this passive to your advantage during jungle invades and early game skirmishes.

Skill 1 – Power Charge

With Power Charge, Lolita dashes in a target direction and enhances her next basic attack. This skill deals double damage against minions, making it great for clearing waves. It also allows her to jump through walls, making it an effective escape tool. Use Hero Lock Mode to target specific heroes in team fights, and remember that the skill lasts for four seconds after dashing.

Skill 2 – Guardian’s Reflection

Guardian’s Reflection is Lolita’s shield-raising skill that reflects all incoming ranged basic attacks and projectiles. The shield scales with total HP, so building HP items will make it stronger. However, it won’t reflect damage or effects from unique passives of attacker’s equipment. You can dash with Power Charge while the shield is up, but stunning a target will end the shield’s duration.

Ultimate – Noumenon Blast

Noumenon Blast is Lolita’s game-changing ultimate. She begins channeling, slowing enemies in a fan-shaped area. Once the channeling is complete, she slams the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies. To maximize its effectiveness, activate it from a safe distance and consider using Flicker to catch enemies off guard. Remember that crowd control can interrupt the skill, so be cautious.

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Lolita

Recommended Battle Spell: Flicker

Flicker is a must-have spell for Lolita. It serves as both an escape option and a tool for setting up impactful plays with Noumenon Blast and Guardian’s Reflection. Use it wisely to outmaneuver your opponents and turn the tide of team fights.

Recommended Emblem and Talent: Tank Emblem with Concussive Blast

While Lolita is classified as a support hero, building her as a tank is more effective due to her frontline role. Use the Tank Emblem for additional HP, hybrid defense, and HP regeneration stats. Prioritize Agility and Tenacity for increased movement speed and enhanced defensive capabilities. Select Concussive Blast as your core talent to deal damage and create opportunities for your allies.

Best Build for Lolita

To maximize Lolita’s tankiness and utility, focus on defensive items. Start with Dominance Ice to reduce enemy shield and HP regeneration. Then, choose between Athena’s Shield or Antique Cuirass based on the enemy team’s damage type. As the game progresses, adapt your item choices to counter the enemy’s composition. Consider Twilight Armor against burst heroes and Blade Armor against basic attack-reliant heroes. Finish off with Immortality for added survivability.

Easy Combos to Learn

When facing lineups with marksmen or heroes reliant on projectiles, pick Lolita. Accompany your jungler early game and assist in clearing buffs. Once you reach level four, prioritize securing the first Turtle and position yourself near the Turtle pit. Use Power Charge to stun approaching enemies and Noumenon Blast to protect your team during the contest. During team fights, initiate with Noumenon Blast and use Flicker to reach the enemy backline. Stand in front of your carries with Guardian’s Reflection or stun enemy carries if your team has the advantage.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Mastering Lolita’s skills and combos will take time, but with dedication and strategy, you can become a formidable support hero in Mobile Legends. Good luck!


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