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Party Animals: A Fun and Chaotic Game for Animal Lovers

Phyre Kimble

Party Animals is a game that combines cute animals with chaotic gameplay. Developed by Recreate Games, it offers three exciting game modes and a variety of maps to keep players entertained. Whether you’re looking for a last-man-standing battle, a team-based scoring challenge, or an arcade-style deathmatch, Party Animals has something for everyone.

The standout feature of Party Animals is its ragdoll physics, which adds a hilarious and unpredictable element to the gameplay. Despite the wobbly movements and floppy limbs, controlling your animal character feels surprisingly smooth and responsive. You can perform impressive moves like flying kicks, climbs, and throws that wouldn’t be out of place in a WWE match.

The game modes in Party Animals offer different objectives and challenges. In Last Stand, the game continues until only one player remains standing. Team Score focuses on accumulating points by scoring goals or completing specific tasks. Arcade mode is a team-based deathmatch with a limited number of lives per team.

One of the most memorable aspects of Party Animals is its diverse range of maps. In Team Score mode, you’ll find yourself dropping candy through holes in the ground, shoveling coal to get trains moving, and even playing an old-school arcade game while chaos ensues around you. Each map offers a unique and entertaining experience.

While the game modes may seem different, some players may resort to a more aggressive strategy of constant punching and less focus on the objectives. This can make the gameplay feel repetitive at times, but the variety of weapons available helps to mix things up. Swinging a heavy hammer feels completely different from using a crossbow or throwing a boomerang.

Party Animals embraces its janky and unpredictable nature, creating a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. Losing to a well-placed bomb or getting knocked out by a boomerang can be frustrating, but it’s hard to stay mad when you’re playing as a kitten in a Darth Sidious costume, flailing around and attempting to kick opponents in the face. The game is all about laughter, screaming, and moving on to the next round or map.

The cast of characters in Party Animals adds to the overall charm of the game. Each animal has its own unique personality, from the grumpy cat Levi to the exuberant corgi Nemo. While there could be more customization options for the characters, the available cosmetics still allow players to add some personal flair to their chosen animal.

Party Animals may not have the longevity of a game that you’ll sink hundreds of hours into, but it is a fantastic choice for a party game. It’s perfect for those who enjoy embracing chaos and want to have a great time with friends. With its goofy and unpredictable gameplay, Party Animals is guaranteed to generate laughter and create unforgettable moments.

Party Animals is available now on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and Xbox Game Pass.



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