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Minotaur: The Son of Minos Rises to Restore Minoa

Samuel Crossley

Passionate and Fueled by Rage

Minotaur, the Son of Minos, is on a mission to restore his homeland, Minoa, to its former glory. With his powerful hammer, he embarks on a path of vengeance and redemption. As a tank hero, Minotaur excels at soaking up damage for his team, making him an invaluable frontline hero. But he is more than just a meat shield – he also possesses incredible utility with crowd-control skills and healing abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Get ready to unleash the fury of Minotaur and lead your team to victory.

Unleashing the Rage

Minotaur’s passive ability, Rage Incarnate, grants him unique buffs and debuffs. When he applies a control effect to an enemy hero, their Hybrid Defense is reduced for a short duration. Additionally, when he heals an ally hero, their Hybrid Defense is increased. These effects are doubled when he enters his Enraged State, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

Skills of Destruction

Minotaur’s first skill, Despair Stomp, allows him to jump to a target location, dealing damage to enemies in the area and briefly knocking them airborne. This skill also slows down enemies and enhances Minotaur’s basic attacks to deal damage based on a percentage of his total HP. In his Enraged State, the AOE range and damage of this skill are increased, allowing him to wreak havoc on his foes.

His second skill, Motivation Roar, is a self-motivating ability that restores HP to himself and nearby allies based on his Magic Power. In his Enraged State, Minotaur gains Enraged Regeneration, which allows him to restore HP each time he is hit by a basic attack. This skill greatly increases his survivability and healing capabilities.

Minotaur’s ultimate, Minoan Fury, is a devastating crowd-control ability. When activated, Minotaur enters his Enraged State and smashes the ground multiple times. The first hits deal physical damage and slow down nearby enemies, while the final hit deals true damage and knocks them airborne. During this attack, Minotaur is immune to control effects. The Enraged State enhances all of his skills and lasts for several seconds, giving him a significant advantage in team fights.

Mastering Minotaur

To maximize Minotaur’s potential, it is recommended to use the Flicker battle spell. This spell can be used to set up his Despair Stomp and Minoan Fury, preventing enemies from dodging these powerful abilities. It can also be used as an escape tool in sticky situations. Alternatively, the Revitalize battle spell can be chosen to focus on healing and supporting the team.

For Minotaur’s emblem, the Agility talent is highly recommended for increased mobility. The Pull Yourself Together talent is a good choice for the second tier, as it provides cooldown reduction, allowing Minotaur to have more impact in fights. The Brave Smite talent is ideal for the main talent, as it synergizes well with his first skill and ultimate, providing additional HP regeneration.

When it comes to item builds, prioritizing durability is key. Dominance Ice is a crucial early item, as it improves Minotaur’s physical defense and mobility. Flask of the Oasis is a great second item, providing additional magic power, HP, and cooldown reduction. Athena’s Shield and Radiant Armor are excellent choices for boosting magic defense, while Antique Cuirass provides additional physical armor. Immortality is a must-have for late-game insurance.

Unleash the Fury

Minotaur’s playstyle revolves around initiating team fights and protecting his allies. In the early game, aim to reach level four before the first Turtle appears. Position yourself near the enemy jungler and use Minoan Fury to disrupt their attempts to secure the Turtle. Continuously impact objective contests by keeping an eye on the enemy jungler.

When engaging enemies, use the bushes to approach and activate Despair Stomp. Dive towers with your damage dealers when necessary, utilizing your second skill for increased survivability. In team fights, use your ultimate in conjunction with the Flicker battle spell to catch enemies off guard and unleash devastating crowd control.

With Minotaur’s durability, utility, and crowd-control abilities, you can lead your team to victory and restore Minoa to its former glory. Embrace the rage and become the unstoppable force that Minotaur is meant to be.


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