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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s 100th Hero is Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger

Kelly Young

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has introduced its 100th hero, Benedetta, also known as the Shadow Ranger. Moonton rates her difficulty level at 8/10, making her a challenging hero to master. Unlike other heroes, Benedetta’s damage is not done in one burst or consistent like a marksman. Her unique passive requires a different trade pattern.


Passive – Elapsed Daytime: When holding down the Basic Attack button, Benedetta enters the Swordout state and charges up her Sword Intent. Releasing the button unleashes the Swordout Slash, a dash that deals physical damage to enemies in its path. The charge bar below the health bar indicates the Sword Intent level. This ability allows Benedetta to dash over walls and dodge enemy skill shots.

First Skill – Phantom Slash: Benedetta swiftly withdraws and leaves a shadow in front of her. After a short delay, the shadow slashes forward, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies. Benedetta then dashes forward to slash, dealing additional damage. If the target is hit by the shadow, Benedetta’s damage is doubled.

Second Skill – An Eye For An Eye: Benedetta raises her weapon to defend, gaining control immunity and blocking damage for a short duration. Afterward, she stabs in the designated direction, dealing physical damage. If she successfully blocks damage or control effects, her subsequent stab stuns the target.

Ultimate – Alecto: Final Blow: Benedetta dashes forward after a short delay, slowing all targets in her path. She becomes untargetable during the dash. After dashing, she detonates the Sword Intent, dealing physical damage and slowing the enemy. This skill has a low cooldown and can be used as a gap closer or for clearing minion waves.

How to Play Benedetta

Recommended Battle Spell: Petrify is recommended for the EXP lane, as it immobilizes the target and ensures hits with Alecto: Final Blow or Phantom Slash. Retribution is the best choice for junglers, as it helps clear creeps quickly and secure objectives.

Recommended Emblem: The Assassin emblem is the most suitable choice for Benedetta, providing adaptive penetration, attack, and movement speed. Alternatively, the Fighter emblem offers a mix of damage and durability with spell vamp, attack, and hybrid defense.

Best Build: The core items for Benedetta are Bloodlust Axe and Hunter Strike. Bloodlust Axe provides physical attack, cooldown reduction, and spell vamp, while Hunter Strike offers physical attack, penetration, and movement speed. Defensive items should be chosen based on the enemy team’s composition.

Skill Combos and Tips

During the laning stage, initiate with Elapsed Daytime to close in on your opponent, followed by Phantom Slash to deal damage. Use An Eye For An Eye to defend against retaliation. At level four, you can start your combo with Phantom Slash or Alecto: Final Blow, followed by continuous damage using Elapsed Daytime. Use An Eye For An Eye to disengage when necessary.

If you have Petrify as your battle spell, use it to land Phantom Slash and An Eye For An Eye in the early game, and Alecto: Final Blow later on. Tap Petrify repeatedly to immobilize enemies on the path of Alecto: Final Blow.

Practice is key to mastering Benedetta’s unique mechanics. Focus on charging up her passive and positioning her correctly after using Swordout Slash. Look for flank angles and use her mobility to weave in and out of fights. Don’t be afraid to disengage and re-engage for the killing blow.

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