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No Escape: Yin, the Martial Genius, is Unleashed in Mobile Legends

Phyre Kimble

Yin, the newest fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with his fists and powerful rings, he has the ability to switch between his original form and the destructive deity, Lieh. Whether you’re a fan of assassins or looking to master them, Yin is the perfect hero for you.

Learn all about Yin’s skills, recommended emblems, battle spells, and best builds in this comprehensive guide.

Yin’s Skills

Passive – Leave It To Me Yin deals increased damage when there are no allied heroes within 4 yards.
First Skill – Charged Punch/Frenzy Strike Yin gains movement speed and throws a charged punch forward, dealing physical damage. In Lieh form, he smashes an area ahead, gradually increasing the smashing speed and slowing enemies hit.
Second Skill – Instant Blast Yin dashes forward, leaving a Golden Ring behind and dealing physical damage to enemies. After a short delay, the Golden Ring catches up with Yin, stunning enemies it passes through. In Lieh form, he strikes a flying kick forward, leaving a Golden Ring behind and stunning enemies it passes through.
Ultimate – My Turn Yin pulls a designated enemy hero into his domain and transforms into Lieh. Inside the domain, Lieh gains extra defense and restores health if he kills his target. Upon leaving the domain and killing the target, he continues to fight as Lieh for eight seconds.

How to Play Yin

Recommended Battle Spell: Retribution (for jungle) or Execution (for laning)

Recommended Emblem: Assassin Emblem with Thrill talent or Master Assassin talent

Best Build: War Axe, Hunter Strike, Blade of the Heptaseas/Blade of Despair, defensive/offensive items

Yin is a versatile hero who can excel in both the jungle and the EXP lane. Use his increased damage when alone to invade the enemy jungle or harass enemies in lane. In the jungle, use Retribution to clear creeps quickly. In the EXP lane, use Execution to secure kills.

Maximize Yin’s offensive capabilities with the Assassin emblem and talents like Thrill or Master Assassin. These enhance his damage and movement speed, making it easier to eliminate enemies.

Build Yin with physical damage and cooldown reduction items like War Axe and Hunter Strike. Blade of the Heptaseas or Blade of Despair can be added for additional damage. Adjust your build based on the game’s progress, opting for defensive items if needed.

Easy Combos to Learn

A simple combo for 1v1 situations is to use Charged Punch and Instant Blast to get close to the target and stun them. Follow up with My Turn, Lieh’s Instant Blast, and Frenzy Strike for a finishing blow. Prioritize enemy carries for maximum impact.

Remember, Yin doesn’t use mana, so take advantage of this by last-hitting creeps and harassing enemies with Charged Punch. Use Instant Blast as an escape tool or to engage enemies. Be aware of enemy junglers and use your skills strategically.

With Yin’s powerful skills and versatile playstyle, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.



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