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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: A Shocking Twist and Thrilling Ending

Phyre Kimble

The anime adaptation of Bryan O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski’s beloved Scott Pilgrim series, titled Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, has taken fans on an exhilarating journey filled with unexpected surprises and thrilling twists. The jaw-dropping ending of the first episode sets the tone for a season packed with exciting changes to Scott’s familiar story.

Did Scott really die?

In a shocking turn of events, Scott appears to meet his demise during his battle with Matthew Patel. However, it is later revealed that someone has orchestrated a complex plan to prevent Scott from marrying Ramona. Old Scott, Scott’s 37-year-old future self, kidnaps him with the help of the Katayanagi Twins through a vegan portal at a crucial moment in his fight against Matthew Patel. Old Scott regrets his own relationship with Ramona, which ultimately leads to their future divorce and leaves him heartbroken.

Who wrote Young Neil’s movie script?

During Scott’s time in the future, Old Wallace takes him to meet Old Ramona in an attempt to fix the situation. It is then revealed that Old Ramona is also capable of time-travel. She confesses to being the one responsible for Young Neil’s feature-length screenplay, ensuring that Scott would discover the truth if his future self succeeded in his plan.

What was the robot’s role in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off?

As Ramona investigates Scott’s disappearance, a mysterious robot named Robot-01 keeps appearing. This vegan-superpowered time-traveling recording device belongs to the Katayanagi Twins, two of Ramona’s evil exes from robotics school. In the anime, Robot-01 plays a crucial part in kidnapping Scott and sending him to the future. Old Scott enlists the help of the twins and their robot to prevent his younger self from ending up with Ramona. During his time in the future, Scott gains control over Robot-01 and utilizes its recording and storage capabilities. He witnesses Ramona’s relentless search for him, intensifying his feelings for her.

Who is the final boss in the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending?

In a surprising twist, the final boss in the ending of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is revealed to be none other than Scott Pilgrim himself, specifically Even Older Scott. The 47-year-old, buffed version of Scott travels back from the future to battle his younger self, aiming to permanently separate Ramona and Scott. Even Older Scott is so powerful that Knives Chau, along with Ramona’s Evil Exes, must join the fight.

What happened in the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending?

The epic showdown is interrupted by the arrival of Even Older Ramona, who manages to reason with Even Older Scott and make him realize his mistakes. Ramona also acknowledges her own flaws and merges with Even Older Ramona, transforming into Super Ramona. She declares her love for Scott and sends everyone back to their respective timelines.

In the epilogue, Sex Bob-omb welcomes their newest member, Knives Chau, Ramona pursues a career as a stunt double, Todd returns to being vegan and becomes friends with Roxy, Lucas finds employment at a coffee shop, and Wallace heads to Paris. Gordon, back in his lair, watches countless screens displaying Scott and Ramona. “Time for the real game to begin,” he declares. By his side is his new associate, his girlfriend Julie Powers, who says, “The goose is loose.”

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