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Spirit Breaker Dominates The International 2023

Kelly Young

In the face of Spirit Breaker, no one can stand their ground. This hero has been wreaking havoc at The International 2023, breaking spirits left and right. With a nearly 60 percent win rate and being the ninth-most picked hero in the TI12 group stage, Spirit Breaker has become a force to be reckoned with.

But what makes Spirit Breaker so unstoppable at this tournament? Let’s delve into the reasons behind their dominance.

Spirit Breaker received a seemingly minor buff in patch 7.34d, with a mere five percent increase in damage for their Greater Bash ability. However, this small change has had a significant impact on their ability to clear out creeps quickly. With just Phase Boots and Wind Lace, Spirit Breaker can now one-shot creep waves and most neutral camps, eliminating the need for additional movement speed items.

This has led to a new build for Spirit Breaker in the offlane, where players rush Hand of Midas and then go straight into Octarine Core. Collapse from Team Spirit popularized this strategy, and it has proven to be highly effective.

Furthermore, Spirit Breaker has shown versatility by being flexed into the position four and even midlane roles, particularly by LGD’s NothingToSay. This allows the hero to scale well into the late game, with items like Kaya and Yasha, Black King Bar, Aghanim’s Scepter, and even Refresher Orb further enhancing their capabilities.

Not only does Spirit Breaker provide an abundance of stuns, but they also deliver significant damage output alongside consistent crowd control. While their Greater Bash may rely on RNG, their Charge of Darkness eliminates any guesswork.

In addition to their offensive prowess, Spirit Breaker is incredibly difficult to kill. Even when playing from behind, it takes a disproportionate amount of effort to catch and bring down this hero. Their Bulldoze ability grants them tons of status resistance and movement speed, making it challenging for the opposing team to find a way through.

Moreover, Spirit Breaker’s tankiness demands attention. Although they may not possess the same in-your-face durability as heroes like Bristleback, they still require a considerable amount of time and effort to take down. The item that used to counter Spirit Breaker, Nullifier, has seen a decrease in popularity among the current meta carries, leaving supports with the burden of dealing with Spirit Breaker.

The meta of the tournament has also contributed to Spirit Breaker’s dominance. With a slower pace and high grounds becoming more dangerous, teams are focusing on aggressively farming the enemy side to cut off resources. Spirit Breaker excels at catching any heroes who dare to step out, providing valuable information to their allies.

Additionally, Spirit Breaker complements support heroes like Enchantress and Skywrath Mage, who excel in damage output but lack crowd control. This allows for more diverse drafting strategies, prioritizing lane-winning supports that can deal significant damage throughout the game.

All these factors culminate in a hero that seems unstoppable in teamfights. Spirit Breaker charges into battle relentlessly, like a mountain goat ramming its head against a wall until it breaks. It remains to be seen if anyone can put a stop to Spirit Breaker’s reign in the current tournament meta.

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The Dota 2 hero tier list (October 2023) | TI12 edition

The table below shows the Dota 2 hero tier list for October 2023, specifically for The International 2023 (TI12) edition. The information in the table remains unchanged, including the format, time, and scores.

Please note that the content in the table should not be paraphrased or summarized. It is presented as is.

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