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Team BDS secures victory over PSG Talon in intense battle for Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage spot

Samuel Crossley

In a thrilling showdown on the final day of the League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage, the EMEA region emerged victorious over the APAC region. Team BDS and PSG Talon fought fiercely for the last spot in the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage, with Team BDS ultimately pulling off a remarkable reverse sweep to secure their place with a 3-2 victory.

The series went the distance, with the first four games showcasing PSG Talon’s strong map control. They displayed their team fighting prowess in the late game to gain an advantage in the series. With four dragon buffs in their favor, PSG Talon won the first two games and reached match point.

However, Team BDS refused to give up easily. Despite PSG Talon’s dominance in the mid game, a crucial clash around the Baron Nashor pit in game three turned the tide in favor of Team BDS. Led by Adam “Adam” Maanane’s Olaf and Théo “Sheo” Borile’s Maokai, Team BDS seized the opportunity and secured a win.

PSG Talon attempted to regain control in game four but once again fell short as Team BDS emerged victorious. This set the stage for a high-stakes game five, which turned out to be the longest match of the series, lasting approximately 44 minutes.

Throughout the closely contested game, the gold lead remained tight, with both teams gaining and losing small advantages. By the 36-minute mark, both PSG Talon and Team BDS had secured three dragon buffs.

Team BDS aimed to gain further advantages by targeting the powerful neutral monsters in the game. They successfully took down the Baron Nashor but suffered the loss of three players in the process. However, they managed to secure their third Cloud Drake, granting them a significant movement speed bonus.

The climax of game five occurred at the 42-minute mark when Sheo’s Maokai caught Rell, narrowly escaping. Meanwhile, Adam’s Darius successfully caught Gnar, and the team swiftly eliminated all members of PSG Talon, including Wako’s Aphelios. During the action, nuc’s Tristana secured a quadra kill, bringing the series to an explosive conclusion.

Team BDS’s remarkable comeback marks the fourth reverse sweep in Worlds history, joining the ranks of Top Esports, Beyond Gaming, and DRX. Following this impressive win, Team BDS advances to the Swiss Stage, where they will face off against JD Gaming, the MSI 2023 champions.

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Remaining Content:

Game Winner Score
Game 1 PSG Talon PSG Talon 1 – 0 Team BDS
Game 2 PSG Talon PSG Talon 2 – 0 Team BDS
Game 3 Team BDS Team BDS 1 – 2 PSG Talon
Game 4 Team BDS Team BDS 2 – 2 PSG Talon
Game 5 Team BDS Team BDS 3 – 2 PSG Talon



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