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TikTok x Newzoo Study Reveals Key Success Factors for PC and Console Game Launches

Kelly Young

TikTok’s Insights on Gaming Content

TikTok, the popular entertainment and mobile-based platform, has commissioned a study by Newzoo to explore how developers and publishers can improve the launch of PC and console video game titles in an increasingly competitive industry. The study was presented at the Tokyo Game Show 2023 by Rema Vasan, Head of Global Gaming Business Marketing at TikTok, and Ben Porter, Director of Consulting at Newzoo.

According to the study, gaming content on TikTok received a staggering 3 trillion views in 2022, with 50% of daily active users regularly engaging with gaming content. TikTok aims to understand the key factors for success, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by publishers in this space.

The Dominance of PC and Console Gaming

While mobile gaming has experienced significant growth in recent years, the study highlights that the PC and console segment remains the primary driver of global growth. It is predicted to generate $95.2 billion in revenue in 2023.

The study also reveals that among the top 20 most played games in 2022, 14 are esports titles. Surprisingly, none of the esports heavyweights made it to the top 10, with Overwatch ranking 12th and Valorant and League of Legends ranking 13th and 14th, respectively. The top five most played PC and console games in 2022 remained unchanged in the first half of 2023.

Building Strong Connections and Lasting Engagement

The study delves into the reasons behind the success of certain video game titles. It found that older games like ROBLOX (2006) and Minecraft (2011) continue to thrive due to their marketing strategies, which foster strong connections and lasting engagement with their evolving and diverse player communities. These games have built strong communities that transcend traditional gaming spaces, leading to long-term commitment from players.

Engaging Gen Z and Millennial Gamers

The study highlights the habits of Gen Z and millennial gamers, who actively discuss their hobby with friends and family, visit gaming websites, listen to gaming podcasts, and frequently engage with online gaming communities. Platforms like TikTok serve as a discovery engine for games, allowing developers and publishers to leverage the diversity and cross-cultural content to their advantage.

Opportunities for Developers and Publishers

The study suggests several opportunities for developers and publishers to enhance game launches. They can utilize well-established intellectual properties (IPs) to create new games, collaborate with other franchises, or revitalize dormant IPs through remakes. Additionally, exploring transmedia opportunities, such as turning games into TV series, and partnering with non-endemic gaming brands to sell digital and physical goods, can further expand reach and engagement.


In conclusion, the TikTok x Newzoo study emphasizes the importance of leveraging platforms like TikTok to launch and promote video games successfully. By understanding the preferences and habits of Gen Z and millennial gamers, developers and publishers can create strong connections and lasting engagement. Furthermore, utilizing well-established IPs, exploring transmedia opportunities, and collaborating with non-endemic gaming brands can contribute to the success of game launches in an increasingly competitive industry.


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