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Unleash the Power of Jungle Baxia with These Top Items

Samuel Crossley

Jungle Baxia has become a fan favorite in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for good reason. With his exceptional mobility and durability, he excels at controlling objectives and dictating the pace of the game. His Baxia Mark passive significantly reduces enemy damage, while his Baxia-Shield Unity ability allows him to quickly rotate around the map, making him a constant threat in lanes and a formidable presence in team fights. To fully harness the power of jungle Baxia, it’s crucial to equip him with the best items in the game.

The Top 3 Items for Jungle Baxia

1. Cursed Helmet

One of the essential items for tank junglers like Baxia is the Cursed Helmet. This item provides additional HP and Magic Resistance, enhancing your survivability against magic damage dealers. What sets the Cursed Helmet apart is its unique passive ability called Burning Soul. It inflicts a percentage of your max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies. This ensures swift camp clear and consistent damage contribution during skirmishes. Prioritize acquiring at least a Molten Essence, a prerequisite to the Cursed Helmet, to further enhance your jungle clear.

2. Guardian’s Helmet

Jungle Baxia’s durability can be compromised by heroes who deal True Damage, such as Karrie or Alpha. To counter this, focus on boosting your HP as much as possible. Guardian’s Helmet is an excellent choice for health boosts and defensive stats. It not only provides a major HP boost but also offers consistent health regeneration through its unique passive ability called Recovery. After engaging in a skirmish, retreat to the safety of the jungle and allow the Guardian’s Helmet passive to restore your health. This item becomes even more valuable in the mid-game when team fights become frequent, allowing you to engage, recover, and contest objectives effectively.

3. Radiant Armor or Athena’s Shield

Completing your jungle Baxia item build should include either Radiant Armor or Athena’s Shield. These items significantly improve your effectiveness on the frontlines by providing valuable Magic Defense stats. Consider the enemy team composition and the type of magic damage they deal to make the right choice. If facing heroes with high burst Magic Damage, opt for Athena’s Shield. If up against heroes who deal damage over time, Radiant Armor will be your best bet. By strategically choosing between these items, you can enhance your performance and confidently face any challenge.

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Turn up the heat on X.Borg with these top 3 items:

Item Description
Cursed Helmet Boosts HP and Magic Resistance, inflicts magic damage per second based on max HP
Guardian’s Helmet Provides a major HP boost and consistent health regeneration
Radiant Armor or Athena’s Shield Enhances frontline effectiveness with valuable Magic Defense stats

Choose the right item to counter your opponents and dominate the game!



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