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Mastering Arlott: The Lone Lancer in Mobile Legends

Kelly Young

Unleash the Power of Arlott, the Land of Dawn’s Lone Lancer

Are you searching for a hero who combines the agility of an assassin with the resilience of a tank? Look no further than Arlott, the Lone Lancer of the Land of Dawn. With his multiple dashes and ability to absorb enemy damage, Arlott is a formidable bruiser in the mid to late game. However, mastering this hero requires understanding his unique strengths and weaknesses.

Arlott’s Skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Demon Gaze

Arlott’s demonic eyes mark nearby enemy heroes and those affected by crowd control. The mark lasts for eight seconds and can also affect creeps and minions. This passive ability allows Arlott to deal additional damage to marked enemies with his skill, Vengeance. Keep in mind that even heroes hiding in bushes can be detected, making ganks challenging for Arlott.

First Skill – Dauntless Strike

Dauntless Strike is a powerful slam with Arlott’s spear, dealing physical damage to targets in front of him. The stun duration increases the further the target is. This skill is excellent for farming during the laning phase as it can mark an entire minion wave. After using Dauntless Strike, use Vengeance to last hit the minions and gain bonus gold. Remember to create distance after using this skill to maximize the stun duration.

Second Skill – Vengeance

Vengeance is a targeted dash skill where Arlott charges at a specific target with his spear, dealing physical damage. If the target is marked by Demon Gaze, Vengeance will deal critical damage, refresh its cooldown, and heal Arlott. This skill cannot be used to jump over walls and requires a specific target to activate. It is also effective on minions, although the healing effect is reduced.

Ultimate – Final Slash

Final Slash is Arlott’s ultimate ability, where he performs a wide-sweeping attack that deals physical damage and displaces affected targets to the end of the swing. This ultimate pushes targets from left to right in a straight line, marking them with Demon Gaze. Additionally, it reveals targets hidden in bushes for three seconds, making it a useful anti-ganking tool during the laning phase. Arlott can also use Final Slash to shove targets through walls, providing strategic advantages in various scenarios.

Tips and Tricks for Arlott

Battle Spell Recommendation

To maximize Arlott’s abilities, it is recommended to use Petrify as a Battle Spell. The stun effect of Petrify activates Arlott’s Demon Gaze passive, allowing him to deal more damage to enemies. However, if you plan to play Arlott as a roamer, Vengeance can be a good alternative to enhance his survivability in team fights after using Final Slash.

Recommended Emblem Set

For Arlott’s emblem, choose the Tank emblem if playing as a roamer or the Assassin/Fighter emblem if in the EXP lane. Agility is the recommended talent for extra movement speed, while Festival of Blood provides added spell vamp whenever Arlott casts his skills. Brave Smite is the best core talent for him, as it helps him survive in team fights with its HP restoration effect.

Recommended Item Build

When playing as an EXP laner, prioritize survivability by considering items like Hunter’s Strike, Blade of Heptaseas, or Endless Battle. The choice depends on the lane matchup and whether you are ahead in the game. As Arlott’s defensive stats tend to fall off in the late game, it is advisable to build defensive items once you have all your offensive items. Oracle provides magic resistance and improved regen effects, while Brute Force Breastplate is effective against teams with multiple physical damage dealers. If the game goes beyond 20 minutes, Immortality becomes a must-have item.

Easy Combos to Learn

During the laning phase, use Dauntless Strike to mark minion waves and secure last hits with Vengeance. This allows you to stay ahead of your opponent. For a more aggressive approach, wait for Demon Gaze to affect the enemy hero and pounce with Vengeance to get closer. Use the Dauntless Strike-Vengeance-Final Slash-Vengeance combo to secure an easy kill. During team fights, wait for enemies to gather together and use Final Slash to line them up. Follow up with Vengeance and stun them again with Dauntless Strike. If you miss a target, retreat as Arlott becomes vulnerable without his mobility skill.

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